Farming and Processing in Ethiopia

We base our agriculture and cotton farming model on social and environmental awareness and care.Thomas Gostner, President

Fr-El Ethiopia Farming and Processing PLC is an Ethiopian law company part of the Fri-El Group, an Italian group of companies founded on 1994 by Thomas, Josef and Ernst Gostner which operates in the production and sale of electricity from renewable sources. During the years, Fri-El Gorup has expanded its scope of business to successfully pursue farming and agricultural products processing activities in many areas around the world.

Established on 2007, Fri-El Ethiopia Farming and Processing PLC entered on the same year into a lease agreement with the Privatization and Public Enterprises Supervising Agency, now supervised by the Ministry of Privatisation and Public Enterprises of Ethiopia, for the rental of 30,000 ha farm in South Omo Region.


Since 2007 Fr-El Ethiopia Farming and Processing PLC has invested up to 120,000,000.00 Birr to improve the previously arid land of the farm. Water canalization and fertilization programs so far implemented and constantly in course of improvement and development have enriched dry soil and turned arid ground into fertile land cultivated by thousand of local people who can now count on secure income.