Cotton production sector: worth Government support


Cotton lint is the most important vegetable fiber in the world to day and is woven into fabrics, either alone or combined with other fibers. The invention of the saw gin and the development of the factory system, together with the ease of production and adaptability to machine manufacture, caused a rapid expansion in the use of cotton. In our … Read More

How agricultural investment helps Ethiopia?


There is a need of sustainable agriculture in Ethiopia because the sustainability of agriculture affects other needs such as food security and water. Ethiopia has promoted agricultural investment for over two decades now the government has showed a commitment towards enhancing agricultural productivity through attracting investment on agriculture on both local and foreign stockholders. Agricultural sector can help Ethiopia and … Read More

Food Security Support


In support of food security at district level, Fri-el Ethiopia Farming and Processing PLC in the month of September 2018 has planted maize crop in 51 hectares of land in it’s own command area. After harvest has been completed, the crop is given to local community living around Omorate farm. Cost of production from planting up to harvesting is fully … Read More