Reform activities in FRI-EL Ethiopia

New farm land development and facility improvement were sought as part of the overall expansion and rehabilitation plan of FRI-EL Ethiopia Farming and Processing.
We believe this will boost productivity and show the company’s commitment toward mutual benefit with the employees by creating better working environment and its development partnership with the government by increasing its productivity and production.

FRI-EL ETHIOPIA Farming & Processing Plc. is undergoing a major reform in all aspects of its operations envisaging a productive, profitable and an all-inclusive development. Major reforms achieved so far include:-

  1. Reorganizing and staffing of farm site and Addis office departments with professionals having rich experience in the sector since January 2019. In addition to that, a professional consultancy has also been hired to update the existing organizational structure, staffing plan, benefit scheme, job manuals, etc. in July 2019.
  2. Although the farm is able to develop 1,500 hectares (15%) of its total area coverage in 2018/19 season – which is an improvement compared to previous years, new 2,500 hectares of land or 25% of the total area coverage has also been developed for cultivation on the next season (2019/20) making the total cultivable land reach 4,000 hectares (40%).
  3. With cultivable farm land expansion, fulfillment of farm machines such as excavators, grader, loader, and dump truck has already been done in the months of January to July 2019.
  4. Purchase of three double cab, one single cab and one ambulance has also been made to facilitate the expansion and rehabilitation of both on and off farm operations in the months of January to July 2019.
  5. Civil work for the ginning plant has also been commenced in June 2019 anticipating to erect the ginning plant in August 2019 to start operation before 2020 season. The ginning machines are all imported and shipped to the farm site.
  6. Based on the company’s strategy to have an independent and reliable power source for the ginning plant, irrigation pumps and other operations that require electricity, importation of solar panels with a capacity of producing 300KW is underway with a plan to start erection and generation of power in September 2019.


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