Banana Plantation Project.

In the sun-drenched expanse of Omorate farm, FriEL Ethiopia Farming & Processing plc is crafting a remarkable tale of expansion and innovation. With a resolute commitment to agricultural growth, the company has embarked on a journey that simultaneously nurtures cotton and bananas, cultivating both crops to meet the demands of global and local markets alike.

From Cotton to Bananas: A Dual Endeavor

FriEL Ethiopia’s ambitions know no bounds. As the cotton plantations flourish, the company has set its sights on adding a new dimension to its portfolio: banana plantation development. This strategic move aims to harmonize with the existing cotton cultivation, creating a symphony of agricultural diversity on the fertile lands of Omorate farm.

Planting the Seeds of Progress

The grand vision encompasses over 1,000 hectares of land to be embraced by banana plantations. This audacious plan is unfolding in phases, and the first harmonious note struck comprises 200 hectares. By the close of February 2020, the orchestra had reached an impressive 47 hectares, marking a promising start to this transformative journey.

A Quest for Excellence: Crafting the Finest Varieties

At the heart of this project lies a commitment to producing nothing but the best. The banana plantation development is meticulously designed to yield high-quality varieties that resonate with the discerning European market. With its sights set on becoming a major player in this arena, FriEL Ethiopia is dedicated to nurturing crops that meet and exceed international standards.

Beyond Borders: Markets and More

While the European market holds a prime position in FriEL Ethiopia’s strategy, the company’s reach extends beyond oceans. The bountiful produce from these meticulously cultivated banana plantations will also grace the tables of local markets, enriching communities and forging strong bonds with consumers closer to home.

Investments that Bear Fruit

FriEL Ethiopia’s foresight doesn’t end with cultivation alone. The company is on the cusp of introducing a new dimension to its logistical prowess. Refrigerated containers, an embodiment of cutting-edge technology, are set to be acquired to transport the delicate produce to the discerning European market. Additionally, a packaging facility is on the horizon, poised to enhance the presentation and preservation of these prized bananas.

A Symphony of Growth: The Final Movement

In the orchestration of this agricultural symphony, FriEL Ethiopia Farming & Processing plc stands as the conductor of growth and innovation. With each phase of banana plantation development, with every acre cultivated, the company plays a crucial role in harmonizing nature’s bounty with the demands of global markets. The story of Omorate farm continues to unfold, narrating a tale of expansion, excellence, and a commitment to cultivating a greener, fruitful future

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