Fight against COVID-19

Fri-El Ethiopia farming & processing plc has donated COVID-19 prevention goods for Dasenech Wereda to its fight against the pandemic. The donation aims to address the dire needs in in the highly vulnerable areas, providing basic necessities, including food, water, cleaning supplies, medicines, face masks, and personal hygiene items. Since Dasenech woreda is in a border area to Kenya, contamination from illegal migrants from neighboring countries makes the woreda vulnerable to the pandemic.

This act of support is not the first time for Fri-El Ethiopia and the company has provided medical materials to local residents and providing assistance to a student of the pastoralist society of Dasenech wereda who is studying midwifery in higher education institution. The company is acting according to its social corporate responsibility strategy to protect the local community and also its own employees.

The donation was made in the presence of STV, woreda administrative authorities and the management of Fri-El Ethiopia on May 4th 2020 at Dassenech Woreda Administration compound. Details of the donation is listed in the table below.

Item Description U.O.M Quantity             Remark
Water Tanker (5,000 Lt.) Pcs 2 For sanitation purpose
Amoxicillin Suspension Carton 10 To be used in case of infection
NS (Glucose) Bag 204
Disposable Face Mask Pcs 500 For prevention of the infection and sanitation purposes
Sanitizer Lt. 100
Hand wash Carton 12
Infrared Thermo Meter Pcs 3 For fever detection
Banners for COVID-19 Pcs 2 Aware creation purposes
Sticker for the tanker Pcs 2
Examination Glove Packets 20 Safety of health workers

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