Food Security Support

The initiative undertaken by FriEL Ethiopia Farming and Processing PLC in September 2018 reflects a commendable commitment to promoting food security at the district level. The company has taken concrete actions by planting maize crops spanning an extensive 51 hectares of land within its own command area. This strategic move not only contributes to local agricultural productivity but also addresses the crucial issue of food availability and accessibility in the region.

One notable aspect of this endeavor is the comprehensive support provided by FriEL Ethiopia Farming and Processing PLC throughout the entire agricultural process. The company covers the entire cost of production, encompassing expenses from the initial stages of planting to the final phase of harvesting. This financial investment by the company demonstrates a strong dedication to the success of the agricultural venture and ensures that economic barriers do not hinder the realization of the project’s objectives.

Moreover, the post-harvest distribution of the maize crop to the local community surrounding the Omorate farm underscores a commitment to community welfare. By sharing the harvest with the nearby residents, FriEL Ethiopia Farming and Processing PLC directly addresses local food needs. This approach aligns with the broader goals of enhancing food security, as the community gains access to a staple crop without incurring costs.

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