Senior Facilities Officer

The overall task of the facilities Officer is to ensure an optimal working environment.

In this role he/she will be responsible for performing regular building safety and

Security inspections, maintain buildings equipment, and supervising cleaning

working premises facilities officer take responsibility of facility maintenance and

also liaise with contractor. He/she should be maintenance expert who promotes an

efficient and Safe working environment

  • Managing building and equipment maintenance schedules.


  • Fixing minor issues in appliances or arranging for repairs when needed.


  • Testing security system and promoting safety within working premises of the company.


  • Managing equipment and supply needs, including furniture, telecommunication, kitchen appliances, officer equipment and supplies, and the likes.


  • Liaising with vendors and supplier for maintenance and repair work on behalf of the company.


  • Documenting process and keeping maintenance records and monitoring maintenance budget spending.


  • Implement regular inspection in all facilities areas within campus for recreation to ensure activities are conducted safely and appropriately.


  • Execute open, close and secure facilities at mentioned times and check maintenance concern.


  • Identify furniture, equipment and fixtures demands of all offices, residence workshops and every other facility of the company and address gaps either purchase or by any other means available and possible.


  • Monitor and manage design, acquisition and installation of modular furniture for offices, guest room, camp and common areas.


  • Prepare the necessary arrangements and accommodations for guests


  • Make sure electric systems, water systems, sewerage systems, security systems (fences and the lies), garden and every other facility are in working conditions.


  • Liaise with other department such as finance, logistics, Human Resource and security as appropriate and necessary.


  • Update and maintain records to track maintenance and repairs.


  • Comply to any other responsibilities assigned to him by immediate supervisor & management.
  • BSc in Facility management or business administration and Construction Management Engineering or similar fields.


  • A minimum of 2 years of experience in facility coordination, project management or Construction.


  • Ability to be flexible and adaptable, taking on additional responsibilities as needed.


  • Must be a self-starter and internally driven to success and hard work.

Note: Please attach application letter and resume in the same pdf file.

Please attach your certifications and supportive documents in the other documents section.