Solar Power development

Fri-El Ethiopia Farming and processing plc is working to convert diesel-based power generation in Omorate farm almost entirely to solar power. This is aligned with the “green growth” initiative followed by the government of Ethiopia. Regarding to this, the first phase of the project has been completed with success and has started generating 320 KW of electricity for pump irrigation purpose. The second phase will soon be started and will generate additional electricity for the newly expanding farm irrigation pumps, ginning factory, workshops and residence quarter. By completion of this project the need for costly shipment of diesel to the farm will significantly reduce.

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Innovators’ Incubation and Acceleration (IIA) Program

Fri-El Ethiopia is proud to announce the launching of its Innovators’ Incubation and Acceleration (IIA) Program. We are offering incubation and acceleration opportunities to a cohort of young innovators in agriculture. Our company aims to support research-based, technology-driven, and scientific innovations that are primarily targeted to increase the yield and quality of products in farming.