State of the art farming:

FRI-El Ethiopia Farming and Processing Plc added line of new machines as part of the envisaged mechanization process. Among these machines include a cotton picker which is believed to improve the speed and quality of cotton-picking for the coming season.
For a farming company well known for its cotton production, the introduction of the first John deere 9976 cotton picker in Ethiopia is yet another milestone!
Such heavy investments in advanced machinery will help the sought after technology transfer in agriculture and processing of agricultural produce. The required education and training will be given to staff to reap the benefits of automation to the fullest.
Every step taken at FRI-El Ethiopia, from staff to machinery, every effort made from improved inputs to harvest system are all aligned with the company’s vision to bring the best farming and processing practice in Ethiopia.

New products, new process, new dimension:

Fri-el Ethiopia Farming and processing strives to revolutionize banana production in Ethiopia. This entails improved inputs, production processes, and machinery.
Our company has introduced cold containers used to transport quality agricultural produce long-range without losing freshness. High-class fruit loading crates carry our products at various retail outlets. The necessary training in seedling nurturing, planting, cultivation, and harvesting all add up to the value we are trying to deliver.
This is a continuation of our effort to change the dynamics of Ethiopian large-scale Farming. It is known that we have recently introduced the first John Deere 9976 cotton Pickers in the country and the necessary training given to staff.
The whole process will take us a step closer to our goals and is aligned with our core value; never compromise on quality!

Continuous improvement at FRI-EL

New farmland preparation and facility improvement were sought as part of the overall expansion plan of FRI-EL Ethiopia Farming and Processing.
We believe the facility improvement underway boost productivity and show the company’s commitment toward a better working environment.

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