Social Impact

Donation for Meal Sharing (የማዕድ መጋራት) program for the New Year

In response to the Addis Ababa City Mayor’s Office’s commendable initiative aimed at aiding lower-income households during the Ethiopian New Year, FriEL Ethiopia has taken a meaningful step by contributing a substantial amount of birr 50,000. This generous donation has been directed to the administration of Kirkos subcity woreda 02, with the purpose of invigorating community morale and fostering a sense of togetherness. The funds will be utilized to facilitate the engagement of the local residents in a heartwarming meal-sharing (የማዕድ ማጋራት) program, thoughtfully organized to commemorate the holiday season.

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Innovators’ Incubation and Acceleration (IIA) Program

Innovators’ Incubation And Acceleration (IIA) Program Details

Contents of the IIA program

Each incubation, acceleration or scaling program is built out of different modules that address the most important needs of the specific group of innovators or companies. Here is a complete overview of the kind of support that will be provided at each stage.

Incubation Modules

Scaling Modules

As each venture takes a different approach and faces different challenges when scaling, we take a holistic, non-prescriptive approach and provide support that is largely tailored to each venture’s needs. The scaling process generally includes six steps.

Market exploration and penetration

We support scaling ventures in market exploration and penetration via trade missions, connections to key advisors and partners in the target markets and by providing access to various forms of financing and/or distribution channels of large corporates.

We believe that the launching of this program will help to improve the commercialization and modernization of agriculture, and the development of an indigenous agribusiness sector while imparting youth with relevant experience and skills. Applications to the next cohort of the IIA program will be announced on our website once they are open.

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Fight against COVID-19

FriEL Ethiopia Farming & Processing plc has donated COVID-19 prevention goods for Dasenech Woreda to its fight against the pandemic. The donation aims to address the dire needs in highly vulnerable areas, providing basic necessities, including food, water, cleaning supplies, medicines, face masks, and personal hygiene items. Since Dasenech woreda is in a border area to Kenya, contamination from illegal migrants from neighboring countries makes the woreda vulnerable to the pandemic.

This act of support is not the first time for FriEL Ethiopia and the company has provided medical materials to local residents and provided assistance to a student of the pastoralist society of Dasenech woreda who is studying midwifery in a higher education institution. The company is acting according to its social corporate responsibility strategy to protect the local community and its own employees.

The donation was made in the presence of STV, woreda administrative authorities, and the management of FriEL Ethiopia on May 4th, 2020 at the Dassenech Woreda Administration compound. Details of the donation are listed in the table below.

Item DescriptionU.O.MQuantity            Remark
Water Tanker (5,000 Lt.)Pcs2For sanitation purpose
Amoxicillin SuspensionCarton10To be used in case of infection
NS (Glucose)Bag204
Disposable Face MaskPcs500For prevention of the infection and sanitation purposes
Hand washCarton12
Infrared Thermo MeterPcs3For fever detection
Banners for COVID-19Pcs2Aware creation purposes
Sticker for the tankerPcs2
Examination GlovePackets20Safety of health workers

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Reform activities in FriEL Ethiopia

New farmland development and facility improvement were sought as part of the overall expansion and rehabilitation plan of FriEL Ethiopia Farming and Processing.
We believe this will boost productivity and show the company’s commitment toward mutual benefit with the employees by creating a better working environment and its development partnership with the government by increasing its productivity and production.

FriEL ETHIOPIA Farming & Processing Plc. is undergoing a major reform in all aspects of its operations envisaging a productive, profitable, and all-inclusive development. Major reforms achieved so far include:-

  1. Reorganizing and staffing of farm site and Addis office departments with professionals having rich experience in the sector since January 2019. In addition to that, a professional consultancy was also been hired to update the existing organizational structure, staffing plan, benefits scheme, job manuals, etc. in July 2019.
  2. Although the farm can develop 1,500 hectares (15%) of its total area coverage in the 2018/19 season – which is an improvement compared to previous years, new 2,500 hectares of land or 25% of the total area coverage has also been developed for cultivation on the next season (2019/20) making the total cultivable land reach 4,000 hectares (40%).
  3. With cultivable farmland expansion, fulfillment of farm machines such as excavators, graders, loaders, and dump trucks has already been done from January to July 2019.
  4. Purchase of three double cabs, one single cab, and one ambulance has also been made to facilitate the expansion and rehabilitation of both on and off-farm operations from January to July 2019.
  5. Civil work for the ginning plant has also commenced in June 2019 anticipating erecting the ginning plant in August 2019 to start operation before the 2020 season. The ginning machines are all imported and shipped to the farm site.
  6. Based on the company’s strategy to have an independent and reliable power source for the ginning plant, irrigation pumps, and other operations that require electricity, the importation of solar panels with a capacity of producing 300KW is underway with a plan to start erection and generation of power in September 2019.

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How agricultural investment helps Ethiopia?

There is a need of sustainable agriculture in Ethiopia because the sustainability of agriculture affects other needs such as food security and water. Ethiopia has promoted agricultural investment for over two decades now the government has showed a commitment towards enhancing agricultural productivity through attracting investment on agriculture on both local and foreign stockholders.
Agricultural sector can help Ethiopia and Ethiopians both in economic and environmental aspects. It has already made a significant contribution to the economic prosperity of our country in such a way that:-

Agriculture provides employment

Agricultural sector can decrease unemployment rate of the country by providing employment for a vast army of educated/uneducated and skilled/unskilled labours.

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Agriculture contributes to National Income

Since we all know shortage of foreign currency is headache for our country, Agricultural sector can contribute on generating foreign currencies from export row materials. The perfect example for this is our company Fri-el Ethiopia which is engaged in cotton farming and processing to help the country from costing extra foreign currencies for importing cotton.


Beyond economic impact, agricultural investment is ideal choice for environmental protection. Some of them are:-

Agriculture creates Habitats

Agricultural system that works in peace with nature creates diverse natural habitats.

Some species even increase in number due to agricultural activities.

Agriculture boosts soil fertility

Agriculture is one of the best way to increase soil fertility practices such as crop rotation, application of compost and cover cropping can improve soil fertility naturally.


Agriculture retains soil and preserve erosion

Loses of soil is one of the biggest threat of our well-being. Agricultural investment, however, has the ability to preserve this damage.


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